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Our Services

Security Needs Assessment

We assess your security needs and develop a strategy to efficiently and effectively protect your people, property, assets, and reputation.

Physical and Technical Security

We review the physical and technical solutions you have in place and determine if they fit your current and future needs.

Policies, Procedures

and Training

Security policies, procedures, and training are essential to your operation. We will review your circumstances and assess your needs.

Security Operations

We review your security operation to determine if it is structured, staffed, trained, and equipped properly to best serve your company.

Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence is a real concern regardless of your company's size. What protections do you have in place to help prevent this from occurring? We can help.

Field Worker Safety

and Security

Some workers are faced with unsafe conditions in their field work environments. We can develop a field worker security program to address their specific concerns and needs.

Executive Protection

Do you have an executive protection program? Do you need one? We'll assess your situation and give you our professional opinion.

Emergency Medical Response Planning

An in-house coordinated emergency medical response, and basic equipment and training can help save the life of an employee, contractor, or visitor. 

Incident Management

Do you know what to do when an incident occurs? Preparing a plan and practicing how your company will respond could greatly reduce its impact on your operations, your employees, and reputation.  

Independent Security Studies

We specialize in conducting Independent Security Studies in accordance with Treasury Regulation 1.132-5

Traveler Safety

Your duty of care extends to wherever your employees are working. We can provide important information and training to help keep them safe while they travel.

Residential Security

Residential security assessments help identify the vulnerabilities that exist in and around your home. We can offer a mitigation plan to address your needs while you are home and away.

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